Sauer, Shuster, and Sage, Oh My! The Reception of Audio- Visual

Sauer, Shuster, and Sage, Oh My! What do these three names have in common you might ask? The Audio- Visual Reception and Lecture of course!

Thursday, September 20th, marked yet another very successful evening for the University Gallery. Young and old, student and staff, art majors and non art majors alike gathered to witness the reception of the most recent exhibition, Audio- Visual. Audio- Visual showcased works by numerous artists such as The PIMA Group, The Near East Family, John Cage, David Ellis, and many more!

First off, let me say that the Salisbury community and Art Department wishes the best for Theresa Sauer, who unfortunately could not attend the reception or lecture due to a sudden illness. Get well soon Ms. Sauer!

Braving the new position of guest speaker was Eric Shuster, a part time Music Department Staff member here at SU, and Galleries Manager, Marisa Sage. Shuster and Sage shined during the reception, Shuster engaging guests as he spoke about the musical life of John Cage, and Sage as she enlightened the crowed regarding the history of musics influence on the visual arts. Mr. Shuster then brought his Salisbury University Percussion Ensemble to performed “Red Circle” by Theresa Sauer, one of the graphic scores included in the Notations 21 Project !

All in all, the night was a hit, and none of this success would have been possible if it were not for the collaborative minds of Galleries Director Elizabeth Kauffman and Galleries Manager Marisa Sage.

PS. Unfortunately Audio- Visual is no longer up for view in the University Gallery, but stick around for the next smashing exhibition Daily Practice!

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