Pamela Z: Baggage Allowance

Pamela Z’s performance was simply… wow. Not only was it innovative, fresh, and truly original, but the vocal and instrumental sounds combine with her fluid motions produced a hauntingly beautiful audio/visual ensemble. Using the functions provided by the real time media manipulation software Isadora to create a string of complex programs, Z is able to orchestrate a visual symphony of images and sounds that correspond to her gesteral movements. In her performance in Salisbury University’s HD Studio TETC 217, Pamela explored a plethora of ideas including, an excerpt of her performance Baggage Allowance; speaking to the ‘baggage’ we tote with ourselves physically as well as mentally – baggage that we willingly take on as well as baggage that is unloaded onto us without option or choice. It almost seems as if one nomadically acquires this baggage, and her striking performance brings a new light to how it is handled in day to day life, as well as its effects on one’s being. Her voice touches high and low spiritual levels as it soars through the audience in a strong aria reminiscent of an operatic style, blended with excerpts from real life interviews she conducted with individuals about baggage they lost, found, or took them with to an airport. Actually, its a tale in its own as to how she found these people; through bag tags that she recovered from airports, left in random places. Her performance displayed an array of tones; some serious and some mildly comedic, yet both equally thought provoking in their own ways.

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