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Salisbury University’s 47th Biannual Senior Art Shows

Senior art students have spent at least the past four years working towards not only an education; but a chance to show off their talent.

Hard work does pay off! You will not want to miss the chance to see it all come together.

The show is in two parts; a graphic design show and a fine arts show. Both will be in the University Gallery in Fulton Hall. The graphic design show will run November 8-20, 2012. Following, will be the fine arts show, December 3-15, 2012. A new Media show will also be taking place November 30 – December 14, 2012 in the Electronic Gallery located in the TETC building Room 128.

Admisssion is always free. Students, staff, family, and the public fans are welcome to see a collection of works by senior students.

To recognize hard work and talent; awards receptions will be held for each of the shows. Both will be in the University Gallery in Fulton Hall. The Graphic Design ceremony will be Friday, Novemeber 9th at 6pm and the Fine Arts show will be Friday, November 7th at 6pm.

Check out the seniors and their work!


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