This Land

July 19 – September 20, 2013
University Gallery & Downtown Campus

Opening Reception: Friday, July 19, Downtown Campus

Performance: Khristian WeeksThird Friday, August 16, 8pm, Downtown Campus
Somewhere between installation art and performance, Khristian Weeks manipulates light and sound to transform environments.

Panel Discussion: “Land, Landscapes and Earthly Visions: A Scholarly and Artistic Interchange”, September 4, 7-9 pm, Fulton Hall 111

Performance: Tatsuya NakataniThursday, September 19, 8pm, Downtown Campus
Experimental percussionist performs inorganic, industrial-like noises juxtaposed in the same breath as organic and lush nature-like sounds.

Closing Reception: Friday, September 20, University Gallery & Downtown Campus

This show’s title playfully adopts the lyrics to the beloved Woody Guthrie song, “This land was made for you and me.” This response to God Bless America presents an assumption about America’s natural landscape, primarily that it is made for man and in turn meant to be made by man through altering ecosystems, extracting resources and agriculture. From the very start our national identity has been bound up with our relationship to the land, and for most of our history we have been a nation of farmers. As the growing majority leaves the rural in favor of the emerald city, however, the way we picture and imagine the America landscape seems just a relevant. As we face ecological and economic pressures, how we think and in turn handle the land will shape not only our environment but ourselves. This exhibition includes twelve artists whose works explore this subject of man’s relationship with nature; each presenting nuanced views of how the land (and sea) are shaped both physically and figuratively by human activities and perception.

Participating artists include: Rachel Abrams, Vaughn Bell, Constance Costigan, Megan Cump, Kevin Fitzgerald, Eric LoPresti, Dan Mills, Mark Nystrom, Courtney Puckett, Gwenyth Scally, Claire Sherman, and Peter Stern.

Claire Sherman, Cave V
Claire Sherman, Cave V, 2010, oil on canvas, 8′ x 7′

Constance Costigan, Here Not Here
Constance Costigan, Here and Not Here, 2012, layered lead pencil on rag paper, 29″ x 44″

Eric LoPresti, Double Butterfly
Eric LoPresti, Double Butterfly, 2012, oil and india ink on linen, 78″ x 58″

Dan Mills, Barbarians
Dan Mills, Barbarians, 2012, acrylic on printed map on board, 40″ x 49″

Peter Stern, Nentego
Peter Stern, Nentego, 2012, digital aerial photography


What to see and know more? Check out our DIGITAL GUIDE to This Land.


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