Three New Exhibitions!

The Salisbury University Art Galleries are excited to announce three NEW exhibitions.

Marked: Recent works by SU Art Department Faculty
September 30th-October 26th. University Gallery at Fulton Hall.

Panel Discussions: Tuesday and Thursday, October 8th & 10th, University Gallery, 3.30 PM.
Music Faculty Recital: Friday, October 11th, Fulton Hall 112, 5.00 PM.
Exhibition Reception: Friday, October 11th, University Gallery, 6.00 PM.

Tenured, tenure-track, full-time, and adjunct faculty exhibit their work. Marked displays faculty work that shows the S.U. campus and community what inspires the faculty’s artistic practices and to see what influence they have on the students and vice versa.

Works by: Jeanne Anderton, Corinne Beardsley, Gary Brotman, Edward Brown, Jess Cross Davis, Steven Durow , Evan Fitzgerald, Paul Flexner, David Gladden, Carl Goldhagen, James Hill, Marjorie Hill, Elizabeth Kauffman, Jinchul Kim, Sally Molenda, John Mosher, Pamela Olszewski, Dean Peterson, Brooke Rogers.

Check out more photos of the show here.


Rural: Marty Weishaar
October 4th-November 8th,
S.U. Art Galleries, Downtown Campus, 118 N. Division Street.

Artist Lecture: Friday, October 4th, 5.00 PM.Opening Reception: Friday, October 4th, 6.00 PM.

Using the beautiful, yet crude, elements of cardboard and colored tape, along with greeting cards, mashed-up paintings, drawings and other found elements, Weishaar creates an informative study of a community dealing with an ecological and humanitarian crisis cause by mountain top coal mining.


In Support of Luxury: Aaron Miller
October 4th-November 8th, S.U. Art Galleries, Downtown Campus, 120 N. Division

Opening Reception: Friday, October 4th, 6.00 PM.

Miller’s work links two separate worlds: the mining industries of Wyoming with the 19th Century upper class. He inserts the industrial product of coal directly into parlors and luxury goods. The work blurs the lines between the miner/labor market and the refined consumer.


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