Meet Daniel Mears & Shawn Kotwica from Harmony of Taste!

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Daniel Mears:
Raised on both the Chesapeake Bay and the New England coast, Daniel had a rich culinary experience stemming from his Italian and French background.  “From the moment I could remember I was in a kitchen with my family helping them cook. But, there came a day when I was tall enough to reach the sink, and so I had to wash the dishes because my grandmother had done all the cooking.  Not too enthusiastic about my new chore, I vowed to match and exceed my grandmother’s abilities.  So instead of the Saturday morning cartoons, I found myself watching any and every cooking show I could find.  Needless to say, my abilities grew and eventually surpassed my grandmother’s. Unfortunately, I couldn’t surpass her secret ingredient, Love. So the dishes were still mine to clean.  Soon my passion for food landed me in the restaurant industry.  Through the years, I have done everything from front of house service, to the back of the house service for some of the best restaurants in the country and have trained under the best in the industry.  After years of experience,  I moved back home to the Eastern Shore to help make a name for the food I grew up on with Local ingredients and a lot of heart.”  Come taste Daniel’s harmonious food from the heart on February 21, at the Palette tasting event!

Shawn Kotwica:
Lead Mixologist for Harmony of Taste, Shawn is a self taught restaurant Powerhouse! He has just as many years in the front of the house.Running some of the best of the best that the mid west and the east coast has to offer.
His approach to hospitality is truly award winning. Shawn’s desire to make every guest feel like a million bucks is amazing! Not to mention his taste in new & inventive cocktails is sure to astound all of our guests! Sip on a cocktail paired perfectly with Daniel’s amazing creation.

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