Guest Post: Favorite Water Music


In keeping with the Water Music theme, I’ve compiled a mix of my own personal favorite works along with brief note to accompany each selection. You can find it on YouTube here.

Enjoy and I hope to see you tomorrow night for our event Water Music: a juried exhibition in sound – Thursday, April 24 at 7:00 pm with an encore performance at 8:00 pm. at the Salisbury University Art Galleries Downtown Campus. (Facebook event)

Eric Shuster is the director of LORD C presents and the curator for the upcoming exhibition Water Music

Water Music guest mix:

1) Water Walk / John Cage

2) Under the Umbrella / Jo Kondo

3) Pop – Untitled #1 / Gas

4) Sea Pictures / Edward Elgar

5) It’s Gonna Rain / Steve Reich

6) Wet Wings / Dan Deacon

7) Lazy Floating Feather / Tom Wisner

8) Ocean Roar / Mount Eerie

9) Perpetuum Mobile / Penguin Cafe Orchestra

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