Earl-Dotter1As we head into the new school year we have tons of new events, lectures, and exhibits planned! Our first event for the fall is
on August 27th at the Downtown Campus, titled Work. Respect. Dignity. Shared Images & Stories of Maryland’s Eastern Shore ImmigrantsThis is an exhibition of photographs by Earl Dotter and the Migrant Clinicians Network. Dotter has documented the lives of immigrants and similar laborers for years and aspires to humanize the immigration discussion to promote civic engagement in the conversation of the under-represented individuals who empower our nations economic engines. 
The exhibit will be held until October 25th with a Reception on Thursday, September 18 at 6pm at the Gallery. Following the reception there will be a Panel Discussion at 7pm at Remedy Church. For more information click here. 


gingrow_asanartistyou always_lowresOur next exhibition is, TXTEDwhich will be the first show opening on campus for the fall semester. From September 2nd to October 25th the exhibit curated by previous Galleries Manager Marisa Sage, showcases artists such as Nate Larson’s and Marni Shindleman’s  exploration into the relationship between art and language. This extensive exhibit contains paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures and installations and will be held at the University Gallery, the Downtown Gallery, and the Electronic Gallery located in TETC.

Below is the list of the rest of the events for the Fall Semester. Please pay attention to the colors of the titles as Maroon will indicate the on campus University Gallery, Gold will indicate the Downtown Gallery located at 118 & 120 North Division Street.


Kathleen Scott: Nocturne
November 21-January 10

Memory and mortality, Magic Lanterns, and Creepy Forests. These are all concepts explored in Kathleen Scott’s exhibit where she tells the story of her childhood relationship with animals. Her work includes cut paper, moving images, music and projection, don’t miss it!

Friday, November 21, 5-8pm

Thursday, November 20, 5:30pm

Friday, November 21, 10 am

Visiting Artist Cheryl Nemazie

Thursday, September 25, 5pm

In a different life Cheryl Nemazie worked the corporate world circuit, using her considerable talents in graphic design to work as an art director for an international hotel chain. Now she is a documentary and photographer working with NGO’s that aid women in Nepal, children in Uganda orphaned by AIDS and flood victims in Mexico. Nemazie is coming to give a lecture on her experiences in various contexts of the art world.

Visiting Graphic Designer Nikole Grad
Thursday, November 13, 5pm

Nikole is an alumnus of the art department here at Salisbury University. Since her graduation she has worked as a lead designer and brand manager for the District of Columbia Jewish Community Center. In 2013 she joined the start-up firm NAV as design director in 2013, founded by Michael Alea former art director for the Obama Administration. Their clients include Target, Google, and Southwest Airlines. Grad is returning to discuss these incredible accomplishments and her career as a professional designer as well as to judge the senior Graphic Design Show.



Graphic Design Show 
November 5-18

Awards Reception
Friday, November 14, 6-8pm

Fine Arts Show
November 26-Dec 9

Awards Reception
Friday, December 5, 6-8pm


Last but not least, don’t forget the Holiday Sale! At the Downtown Campus, SU Students, faculty and staff sell their wares for the holiday season. Glass ornaments, ceramic vessels, prints and much more hand-made works will be available. Friends of the Gallery receive a special discount!


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