Panel Discussion 9/18

WORK. RESPECT. DIGNITY. Shared Images and Stories of Maryland’s Eastern Shore Immigrants

Exhibition Reception– Thursday September 18, 6 PM

Panel Discussion @ Remedy Church– Thursday, September 18, 7 PM * 3rd Floor of City Center * 213 W Main Street Salisbury, MD



panel 2 Immigration is a hot topic in the media on a near-daily basis … but the stories of immigrants themselves seldom receive as much attention. Join us for a panel discussion to explore this important issue on Thursday, September 18. The panel will include photojournalist Earl Dotter, who for decades has documented the lives of immigrants and other laborers through both text and image. Dr. Louise Detwiler, Professor of Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies at Salisbury University, informed by her examination of identity and representation, will engage the audience in discussing the theory of ‘testimonios’; people sharing their stories rather than others creating a narrative for them. Dr. Tim Dunn, Professor of Sociology at Salisbury University and an author who has written extensively on immigrants, including a study of immigrants along the Eastern Shore, will offer historical background and context on the national immigration discussion and immigrants in the region. Dr. Casper Bendixsen, a cultural anthropologist from the National Farm Medicine Center, will engage the audience in a comparative perspective looking at varying interpretations of immigrants, both as hardworking laborers and as individuals whose work puts their bodies at risk. Mr. Noe Parra Manrique, an immigrant, photo subject, longtime Salisbury resident and parent, has been invited to share his experience working on the Eastern Shore. The panel will be moderated by Ms. Amy Liebman, an expert on migrant health. The moderator will invite the audience of healthcare providers, service providers, artists, scholars, immigrants, and the community to reflect on how history, culture, attitudes, immigration policy, and economic forces intersect on the Eastern Shore. Immigrants, both the subjects of the images as well as discussion participants, will be invited to relay their own narratives, respond to panelists and engage the audience in conversation about their lives. The Panel Discussion will be located at Remedy Church, which is on the 3rd floor of the City Center at 213 West Main Street in downtown Salisbury.
This discussion is in conjunction with “Work. Respect. Dignity. Shared Images and Stories of Maryland’s Eastern Shore Immigrants: An Exhibition of Photographs by Earl Dotter and the Migrant Clinicians Network.” The photos are displayed August 27-October 25 at the SU Art Galleries — Downtown Campus. A reception is 6


p.m. September 18 and light refreshments will be served.

An award-winning photojournalist, Dotter partnered with the Migrant Clinicians Network to capture the rhythm and lives of migrant workers in pictures. His images have appeared in publications including the Robert F. Kenned Book Award finalist The Quiet Sickness, and in exhibits at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery and U.S. Department of Labor headquarters, among others. Since 1999, he also has been a visiting scholar at Harvard University’s School of Public Health.

In collaboration with the Migrant Clinicians Network and with support by the Maryland Humanities Council, the SU Art Galleries presents Dotter’s photos with the goal of promoting civic engagement in the immigration discussion, and to explore the impact of immigration amidst settled communities and of migration on immigrants and their families.









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