52nd Semi-Annual Student Exhibition of Fine Arts & Graphic Design

senior-show-notext002Dimensions: ‘A Matter of Perspective’

Fine Arts, Part 1: April 13 – 18
Reception: Friday, April 17, 5 – 7PM

Fine Arts, Part 2: April 27 – May 2
Reception and Awards Ceremony: Friday, May 1, 5 – 7PM

Graphic Design: May 11 -16
Reception and Awards Ceremony: Friday, May 15, 5 – 7PM


The culmination of a semester of intense, artistic labor,  ‘Dimensions’ displays the work of Salisbury University’s talented senior class. The ‘Senior Show’ effectively portrays the diverse dynamics and aesthetics of the different artists, and features examples of drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, glass-blowing, new media, graphic design, package design, typography, digital imaging, illustration, and other, alternative processes.

Featured in Fine Arts, Part 1: Jeff Bell, Victoria Carey, Jonathan DeMauro, Joachim Gawryolek, Clifton Ignacio, Karl Kalenowsky, Rachael Kanagie, Erica Lehner, Cesar Ochoa, Anam Salim, Thomas Sebert, and Anissa Sego

Featured in Fine Arts, Part 2: Chris Battaglia, Anna Breon, Ceyaira Burton, Ryan Dantuono, Preeda Dulyachinda, Sasha Dulyachinda, Keri Hartley, Audrey Lang, Tanya Lewis, Camilla Lewis, Virginia Pattison, Lauren Silverglate, and Courtney Slaughter

Featured in the Graphic Design Show: Leilani Alicea-Rivera, Stephanie Boswell, David Brown, Amber Caraway, YaHua Chen, Karen Cindea, Taylor Forrest, Madison Fox, Brian Geremia, Kelsey Hess, Sara Lands, Brittany Passon, Kelly Perna, Elizabeth Roderick, Megan Seal, Ashley Smith, Peter Smith, Luke Sohl, Ryan Stewart, Tessa Stultz, Lauren Webber, and Justin Winfree.

Meet the artists, see their artwork, and learn the backstory behind their contributions to the 52nd Semi-Annual Student Exhibition!


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