Alice Pixley Young: DarkGlass

darkglass web

November 20 – December 18, 2015

SU Art Galleries Downtown Campus

Reception: 3rd Friday, November 20, 5 – 7pm

The exhibition, DarkGlass, is a solo exhibition by Alice Pixley Young that centers on themes of the forest and the domestic as iconic spaces where we project the fears and beliefs of our collective unconscious. In her artwork, she recalls historical instruments of viewing: peepholes, hand mirrors, picture frames and the Claude Glass, a black tinted mirror used by the 19th century Hudson River School artists as a framing device to create idealized, “picturesque” landscapes. Through her sculptural installations, Young uses the forest and the domestic space as characters in her narratives: they become a presence both soothing and alarming, nostalgic and cryptic within the uneasy, staged realities where they exist.

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