Michael Hubbard: Mixtape

February 18 – April 22, 2016  |  Electronic Gallery [TETC 128]

A collaborative exhibition with SU students tracing the lineage of Punk Rock Feminists.

Visiting artist, Michael Hubbard, in collaboration with SU students, presents an exhibition tracing a lineage of punk rock feminists, starting with the “Riot Grrrl” bands of the 1990s, and following their wild and angry energy into current social and political movements. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a set of mixtapes. Each cassette tape features a sequence of songs that loosely illustrates the life of a revolutionary woman from history. The women represented range from an ancient British warrior queen, to a turn of the century suffragette, to a twenty first century crusader for women’s rights in rural India. The music on the tapes leans heavily toward Riot Grrrl bands and other all-female punk groups, but branches out to songs from a range of decades and genres. The exhibition also includes a large collaborative project for which Salisbury students created visual responses to songs from the mixtapes.



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