Being Her Now Performances & Party

Thursday, March 3, 2o16


University Gallery, FH111 and Fulton Lobby

This festival event presents women artists from around the country making live performance. Performances will be happening in the University Gallery, FH111, and a reception with food and a cash bar will happen in the Fulton Hall Lobby. Be sure to bring cash for the bar if you’d like a drink.

PLEASE NOTE: Although this event is FREE and Open to the public, some of the content in the exhibition and performances is not suitable for young audiences.

Performers are Ayana Evans(NY), Liss LaFleur(TX), Lara Nguyen(NC) and Ursula Scherrer(NY), with live music by Vita and the Woolf(PA).

Ayana Evans presents: I Carry You and You Carry Me.

A participatory work that explores and performs friendship. Sometimes your friends carry you and other times you carry your friend. In the best friendships this exchange is reciprocated. The intimacy of touch, vulnerability of trust, and the physical struggle required to complete the task at hand forces participants quickly move past small talk to a deeper connection.

Liss LaFleur presents: HEROINES

HEROINES is a participatory re-envisioning of surrealist artist Claude Cahun’s 1925 text: Héroïnes: Regarding the Psychology of Certain Female Figures from Classic Literature. Written in sections from 1920-1925, and never performed, this series of 15 monologues from Eve to the Virgin Mary and Cinderella represents a polyvocal multiplicity of self. This project explores this multiplicity, linking the writing and imagery of Cahun to create a multilayered experience through performance, digital fabrication, and sound.!heroines/j6mrw

Lara Nguyen presents: Grapefruit

Growing up my mother told me that one day my most important task in life would be to keep my family healthy with the food I chose to prepare and present on a daily basis. I spent a lot to time with my mother in the kitchen, but could silently resent what I misunderstood to be a dated and gendered role. Now in my immediate family of four I embrace the privilege of providing nutrition for us. Her lesson about sustenance is timeless and true.

Ursula Scherrer presents: un-wrapped

un-wrapped is a continuation of wrapped, a performance first presented in 2014 in Guangzhou, China. Once completely still the smallest movement becomes a big act, time disappears, there is only now – every unfolding starts within.

Live music by Vita and the Woolf!

Vita And The Woolf has one mission- to create electronic soul pop that makes you move and moves you. As the brainchild of Jennifer Pague, the band’s name was so affectionately inspired by the love relationship between novelists Vita Sackville West and Virginia Woolf.

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