Kim Star Designs Fashion Show


Empowerment through Legacy
Kim Star Designs Fashion Show
Thursday, October 27, 7:30pm

Downtown Campus, 212 W. Main Street, Salisbury

Salisbury-based Kim Star Designs, owned and founded by Salisbury-native, Cynthia Polk is a network of African American design elders and geniuses who work together to pass down their knowledge and expertise, creating amazing designs along the way.  Their concerns and goals are practical, creative, communal and commercial.  Their primary medium is sewing and fabric-working in various contexts such as fashion lines, draperies and custom creations.  Kim Star Designs provides services in the commercial market and teaches the skills to perform these tasks.  They employ and collaborate with seasoned artisans who are willing to share their experience and gifts and take on apprentices who are willing to master the techniques necessary to become skilled crafts people in the various fields of fabric-working. In addition to commercial work such as on-site drapery repairs, Kim Star Designs offers a sewing academy for young adults interested in learning the trade. This fashion show presents and celebrates the work of Kim Star’s designers and students.

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