2017 Art Department Faculty Exhibition

January 30 – March 18, 2017

University Gallery in Fulton Hall

View recent artwork created by the SU Art Department Faculty. Ranging from printmaking to sculptures and paintings to photographs, this collection displays talent from various specialties.

Join us on February 10th at 4pm for a panel discussion with Art Department Faculty immediately followed by a Reception.

Featured Artists: Carl Goldhagen, Bill Wolff, Evan Fitzgerald, Jeanne Anderton, Jinchul Kim, Pam Olszewski, Robert Johnson, Edward Brown, Paul Flexner, Brooke Rogers, Dean Peterson, David Gladden, Elizabeth Kauffman, John Mosher, Jess Cross, Karen Bearman, Jee Hwang, Sally Molenda, Jee Hwang, Catherine Hellsten, and Jon Rees.

A preview of the show:


The Ambiguity of Freedom by Jinchul Kim

In this piece, Kim uses formal treatment, such as fine brush marks, in order to depict a “narrative calligraphy.”


Earth Elemental by Robert Johnson, 2015

Johnson uses Saggar firing techniques to make pots look as though they were excavated from an archeology dig. He is inspired by classic shapes formed on the wheel, though he also enjoys hand-building techniques.


Untitled by John Mosher

Mosher creates images inspired by cryptic messages, sent by the Chromanauts – explorers of time and quantum-chroma space.


Lady Daphne Carafe by Karen Bearman, 2016

Bearman explores a series of “lady carafes” through a combination of hand-building and wheel-throwing techniques. She is inspired by women in historical, mythological, political, contemporary, and imaginary settings.


Lakshmi Planum Series by David Gladden

In this series, Gladden explores photographs of prism light on mylar, while altering scale to create miniature worlds that translate as alien landscapes in long shot focus.

Come check out our Art Department Faculty Exhibition for more amazing art, created by Salisbury University’s talented staff!





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