Beholding Genesis: Scott Fisher

March 7th through March 17th
303 Gallery (Student Art Center)


Beholding Genesis is a collection of work that integrates time and space in order to contemplate first creations of the mind and biblical beginnings.

Scott Fisher

Artist Statement:
We start from the beginning. This work is a beginning of thought, an idea that continues into space and time, showing not only first creations of the mind, but also representing biblical beginnings. When at first perceiving my graphic design work and paintings one may consider the materials used; using computers with different programs, photography and painting to construct and create, but that is not all that went into it. God is an artist. He creates and manipulates His surroundings making the vast surroundings of space and time we marvel at today. This marveling of space and God has kept me going. Some of the other features in the exhibit illustrate not only the surface level ideas of time and space, they also include the philosophical ideas of beginnings of man, his sin, Earth and its beginning, and a separate room of chairs devoted to the philosophy that someone had to create them. Remember God is a true artist, as humans we create with the purpose of beholding new creations, even though we can only imitate the ideas God gives from the beginning.

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