Intermedia a Go-Go!

February 27 – March 11, 2017, Electronic Gallery, TE128gogo

Orbit: Intermedia a Go-Go! is a collaborative student exhibition created by New Media 1 students, taught by David Gladden and Music Technology students enrolled in the Special Topics course, Music and Multimedia, taught by Tara Gladden. 35 students total created the material for this collaborative audiovisual installation.

Students of both classes were asked to explore the concept of “spinning” to develop both sonic and visual material. Brainstorming sessions were used to investigate the varied meanings and interpretations of “spinning” both as a word and an action in physical, psychological, and metaphorical contexts to craft the sonic and visual atmosphere in the gallery.

Participating Students:

New Media 1:

Amber Canale, Samantha Curtin, Jordan Davies, Taylor Dittmar, Talon Foreman, Abby Kish,Katherine Lowman, Chance McMurdy, Christopher Messick, Gabrielle Miles, Kevin Patrick,Noor Shahzad, Lesly Sincere, Awn Takruri, Elena Taylor, Jessica Tress, Justin Walton,Kourtney Washington.

Music and Multimedia:

Mitch Avedon, Will Coleman, Rj Duvea, Yusef Fletcher, Donnie Harmon, Jessica Hartfelt,Josh Holland, Dylan Ira, Jonny Menges, Thomas Moreno-Holt, CeeCee Norris, Elias Page, Caleb Pate, Joseph Payne, Kyle Rollyson, Zach Simms, Gianna Spedale, Jake Travis, Alex Vennos.


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