Panoply Performance Laboratory: Embarrassed of the Whole (EotW)

Exhibition: August 28- October 14
The Electronic Gallery, Conway Hall 128

Performance Workshop: September 27, 3-6pm TE317 (contact to reserve a spot)

Performance: October 5, 5:30pm, TE317

Embarrassed of the Whole (EotW): Ester Neff, Brian McCorkle and Kaia Gilje present a workshop, performance and an interactive exhibition described as an “opera of operations.” The exhibition and events engage with concepts of holism and organicism through different relational lenses, practicing collective ideation and dismantling core assumptions inherent to Newtonian physics, nature-culture divisions and holistic forms of order and governance.

PARTICIPATE! To participate in the online portion of the exhibition, please visit

After you complete the online survey, your results will print out in the Electronic Gallery.

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION: This workshop explores historic contexts for live and conceptual art, post-commodity politics, and personal themes such as agency and identity through an array of embodied and relational tactics for experiencing, theorizing, and making performance art.  We will begin with a series of exercises drawn from seminal practices of artists like Anna Halprin, Yoko Ono, Adrian Piper, Joseph Beuys, and Fluxus and then pursue the design of our own performances, unifying personal experiences and worldviews with conceptual articulations. The overarching framing of this workshop proposes performance art as “experimental metaphysics,” an inter-disciplinary medium that deals directly with ontological senses of human being, perception, sensation, and becoming: our explorations enable us to physically connect present materials with philosophical, conceptual, and political matters.

No past experience with performance art is needed, though participants will be asked to participate in simple scores for voice, movement, and use of materials/objects and to then conceptualize their own potential performance art actions in the form of written scores and/or drawings/diagrams.  
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