Shannon Murray Performs

Folk/punk musician and storyteller Shannon Murray comes to Salisbury from the northwoods of Minnesota to perform on September 14 and 15 as part of The Way We Worked.

Her People’s Music project works to preserve working class history in story and song.  What began as an exploration into the music and history of the IWW labor union for a presentation at her local library has grown into a massive collection of songs and stories.

Performance info:

September 14, 7:30pm, The Great Hall in Holloway Hall at Salisbury University.

September 15, 5:45pm, Salisbury’s Downtown Plaza on the 3rd Friday Main Stage.

*Both events are FREE and OPEN to the public.

Tackling guitar playing, and song craft her music is intensely political and deeply personal.  A tool of resistance, a method of resiliency, a means of survival, a message about the importance of being true to who you are, and telling your story, it is a testament to the importance and power of music both in movements for social justice and in our personal lives.

Heavily influenced both stylistically and conceptually by her upbringing in a working class, non-musical family in rural Minnesota, Shannon has developed a sound, style, and perspective that is uniquely her own.

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