Protest Art of the 2017 Women’s Marches

January 29 – April 7, 2018 | University Gallery, 109 Fulton Hall
Curated by Maria Seda-Reeder; Organized by the FemFour

With the aim of keeping the words and images made and deployed by human rights advocates who took to the streets of cities around the country this past January circulating within the public sphere, FemFour, a group of Cincinnati-based artists and arts advocates, put together a traveling, ever-evolving archive of over 150 posters and placards, sculptures, textiles, and photo documentation from the day collected by the arts philanthropist and collector Sara M. Vance Waddell. This particular iteration of the exhibition also includes items created by local participant in the Women’s Marches and collected by the University Archives.

FemFour Lecture | February 15, 2018
111 Fulton Hall, 5:30 pm

About the FemFour
Initially intended to populate a large wall space in her personal home gallery, art collector, philanthropist, perennial board member, and museum docent volunteer Sara M. Vance Waddell began soliciting signs from artists as soon as she knew there would be a Women’s march on Washington. Enlisting the help of independent curator and art critic Maria Seda-Reeder as well as Wave Pool Gallery’s Executive Director and social practice artist Calcagno Cullen, the group then brought on board the Contemporary Arts Center’s Curator of Education, Jaime Thompson to round out their mission: keeping the words and images of progressive activists and allies in the minds and hearts of the public.

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