Seeing Sounds #7: Eva Aguila & Eric Barry Drasin

Monday, April 15, 7pm, Conway Hall 317

Live Audiovisual Performances by Eva Aguila and Eric Barry Drasin.

Eric performs interactive software systems as “Diggers,” and Eva performs with live modular video and audio synthesizers.

Diggers is a series of works about failed cybernetic utopias. Through the use of networked media, aleatoric score, and performative feedback, Realtime media is contextualized as an interdependent and fluctuating psychic space; an extension bridging interior and exterior awareness.

Eric Barry Drasin ( is a Visual Artist, Musician and Curator working at the intersection of Digital Media, Installation and Real-time Synesthetic Audio-visual Performance. He investigates ideas of Network, Community and Score through interactive performance environments, public interventions, impossible gestures, games, and abject failure.

Eric has performed nationally with realtime audiovisual systems. Eric founded the “Fast Food Collective,” a Real-time Video Art Collective based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Through this vehicle he initiated two series, “The Improvised Electronics Round Robin” and “Performing Systems.” In 2017 he founded Confetti Machine, ( which is an annual realtime media festival held annually in NYC.

Eva Aguila ( is a sound and video artist from Los Angeles, CA. Aguila’s background includes video, theater, and music. In 2005 she started her solo noise project as Kevin Shields. She has toured extensively throughout Europe, the US, and Asia, and Mexico. In 2010 she decided to go by her own name Eva Aguila. In the most current iteration of performance she will be presenting a new audio/visual piece using modular video and audio synthesizers.

Eva Aguila is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Coaxial Arts Foundation (, an artist run non-profit space dedicated to experimental sound, video and performance art located in downtown LA. Out of Coaxial she also tapes Experimental Half-Hour (EHH), a collaborative platform engaging worldwide musicians and performance artists via broadcast with her collaborative partner and husband Brock Fansler.

Sponsored by SU New Media Art in collaboration with SU Art Galleries.

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