Art donations to Wicomico County Child Advocacy Center.

We have a wonderful opportunity for artists all around. The Wicomico County Child Advocacy Center, Trauma Investigations and Treatment, is looking for artwork to display in their building.

The Wicomico County Child Advocacy Center has helped many children throughout difficult and abusive times in their life. While also using counseling, the center also uses art as an outlet for the children to express themselves and help heal.

The Advocacy Center is looking for artwork created by local artists to display in their building, so the children have something bright and uplifting to look at while going through difficult times.

THEME////// Beach. A local treasure to Wicomico County. They are looking for artwork that shows the true meaning of the beach, i.e marshes, sand, sailboats, umbrellas, kids playing, and so on. The color themes include warm shades of reds, oranges, yellows, and cools such as teals, blues, and greens. The theme is incredibly important due to the nature the building is used for. It’s used as a safe place for children to come and heal. They are hoping for the artwork to create a warm and inviting feel for the building.

MATERIALS////// Any media is accepted as long as it’s lightweight and easy to transport. They would also prefer artwork on canvas if possible, for easy hanging.

TO SUBMIT////// Please contact Michelle Gerlitzki at the Life Crisis Center by e-mail or call 410-749-0771 x137.