Student Art Center Gallery

Student Art Center Gallery features student artwork. It is located in the Student Art Center at 303 College Avenue.

Open by appointment.

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

Queer Dictionary
Samantha Curtain
February 20 – March 3, 2017
Organized by Jeanne Anderton

Scott Fisher Show
March 7 – 17, 2017
Organized by Edward Brown

Photo Club Exchange Show
March 27 – April 8, 2017
Organized by Jeanne Anderton

Russo Memorial Show
April 12 – April 26
Organized by Jeanne Anderton

Advanced Photo Show
May 3 – May 17
Organized by Jeanne Anderton

Past Exhibitions

Joe Hodell Show
February 8 – 18, 2017
Organized by Jeanne Anderton

Foundation Show
January 30 – February 3, 2017
Organized by Brooke Rogers

Painting Student Show
October 5 – 29, 2015
Organized by Jinchul Kim

Photography Club Show
December 5 – 12, 2015
Organized by the Photo Club

March 2 – 30, 2015
Two BFA painting students share common ground as they respond to the current social environment. Claire Dupree voices her opinions of contemporary meme culture quite satirically, utilizing parody and exaggeration as a vehicle for criticism. With this, she addresses themes of insincerity, narcissism, and excess- aiming to construct vague narratives to which the viewer can project upon and relate to. Her body of work is intended to draw attention to the modern desire for instant gratification. Julianne Durkin, with her automatic use of line, constructs environments in which she translates ideals and impulses. She explores these realms intimately; seeking solace from a polluted, illusioned world. Her paintings are meant to encapsulate the viewer, creating portals to an alternative dimension; one which abandons the disingenuous reality we currently reside in.
Organized by Jinchul Kim

Foundations Show
February 2 – 28, 2015
Reception: Thursday, February 5, 11:30am – 1:00pm
Organized by Brooke Rogers

Foundations Show
September 2 – October 3, 2014
Organized by Jess Cross

Tech Show
October 13 – 24, 2014
Organized by Robbie Johnson & Sarah Halcott

Advanced Photo Show
November 10 – 21, 2014
Organized by Jeanne Anderton

Environmental Studies Show
December 1 – 5, 2014
Organized by Nancy Mitchell

Sculpture Installation Show
May 13 – May 16, 2014
Reception: May 13, 6 – 8pm
Organized by Corinne Beardsley

Sorry Mom

March 31 – April 11, 2014
Reception: Friday, April 4, 5 – 7pm
Featured Artists: Mary Bell, Shannon Brooks, Michael Chaney, Emily Conner, Steven Czyz, Saha Dulyachinda, Preeda Dulyachinda, Karina Ham, Jasmine Hart, Keri Hartley, Rosalie Hemming, Karl Kalenowsky, Rachel Kanagie, Elissa Laib, Erica Lehner, Tanya Lewis, and sarah Wilhelm.
Organized by Jeanne Anderton

Foundations Show
February 3 – 14, 2014
Reception: TBA
Organized by Jess Cross Davis

Student Figurative Art Show
February 24 – March 7, 2014
Reception: TBA
Organized by Jinchul Kim

Environmental Studies Show
November 22 – December 6, 2013
Reception: November 22, Time TBA
Organized by Nancy Mitchell

Inspiration, 4th Annual Art Studio Technicians Show
Featuring artwork by SU Art Department Technicians
October 9 – 23, 2013
Reception: October 23, 5 – 7pm

Featuring drawings and paintings by SU art students
September 23 – October 4, 2013
Reception: TBA
Organized by Jinchul Kim & Ed Brown

Foundations Show
September 2 – 13, 2013
Reception: September 5, 3 – 4pm
Organized by Jess Cross Davis

Leah Lewman Honors Thesis Exhibition
April 29 – May 11, 2013
Reception: TBA
Organized by Jinchul Kim & Leah Lewman

Honors 311 Course Show
April 21 – 28, 2013
Featuring artwork by students in the honors 311 art course.
Organized by Alison Chism

Photography Show
April 7 – 20, 2013
Reception: TBA
Featuring artwork by SU photography students.
Organized by Jeanne Anderton

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